Conditions of use

All users agree to comply with the following conditions of use.

Conditions for the use of the digitized collection

PLUME contains reproductions of works in the public domain, including physical copies that are property of the EPFL Library. The scanned documents available on the platform can be used without restriction. The documents are marked with Public Domain Mark. They may be freely used for scientific purposes, and for private, non-commercial and commercial use. The EPFL Library defends the principle that the digitization of any cultural heritage cannot call into question the integrity of the public domain.

Any reuse, including commercial, is free and open to all, while respecting to mention the source: PLUME or the provision of the permanent identifier in a visible and easily accessible way (exemple:

For scanned documents, the user is free:

  • to reproduce them, copy them
  • to adapt, modify, extract and transform them, to create "derived information", products or services
  • to communicate, disseminate, redistribute, publish and transmit them
  • to exploit them for commercial purposes, for example by combining them with other information, or by including them in its own product or application.

In the event of reuse of the files on any medium, the user is required to respect the right which confers on the author, in an inalienable and perpetual manner, the right to respect to his name, his position and of his work.

Using hypertext links to the site is authorized only if they do not contravene the interests of the EPFL Library, and more generally of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

The EPFL Library invites visitors of its digital library to inform us about any reuse of its files.

For ordering high definition versions of the documents, which can be reused under the same conditions mentioned before, and for any further information on data reuse, please contact:


Conditions for the use of descriptive metadata of documents in the digital library

The descriptive metadata of the documents in PLUME are made available in Dublin Core, via the OAI-PMH protocol (Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting). The use of this protocol is free, as are its specifications:

The format of descriptive metadata is the unqualified Dublin Core (or "simple" Dublin Core). This format, designed to describe resources available on the Internet in a simple but unambiguous way, consists of fifteen descriptive elements.

The records, retrievable via the OAI-PMH protocol, are displayed in the OAI warehouse:

The OAI warehouse is updated regularly. The use of this metadata is free and open to all, provided that PLUME is mentioned.

The user is authorized:

  • to reproduce and redistribute the metadata, subject to the exact mention of the source, globally and without time limit, for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
  • to reprocess, include or exploit such content and metadata, provided that it does not distort the meaning or accuracy and not to mislead third parties as to the content or source of this information.


Conditions for visitors' and researchers' contributions: collaborative annotation module

PLUME offers its readers the possibility to collaboratively annotate the documents made available on the platform for content enrichment.

As a user of the annotation tool, the visitor-contributor has the opportunity to make comments, to provide bibliographical references, participate in a discussion and make proposals for OCR correction. In this context, he accepts the following rules:

  • He assumes full responsibility for the content of his comments. The EPFL Library is not responsible in any case for the accuracy or usefulness of the comments published.
  • He agrees that his comments may be made public under the Creative Commons CC BY license. This license allows unlimited reuse of comments as long as the user name is cited according to the fixed norms.

The remarks are respectful and adapted to a scientific platform. By proposing a contribution (comment, tag, translation, transcription, correction), the visitor undertakes that it will not contravene either the law, nor the interests of the EPFL Library, and more generally to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and that it respects the following prohibitions: prohibition of any comment or content that infringes human dignity, respect for persons and their private lives, contrary to public order and good faith, defamatory, violent, racist, false, abusive, erotic, pornographic, advertising, commercial, illegal, etc.

In addition, the visitor-contributor agrees to not use any content in his comment that is subject to the copyright without citing the reference (prohibition of plagiarism, copying, paraphrasing or reminiscence of a text written by a third party, etc.).

The visitor-contributor agrees to be courteous towards other users. In addition, the visitors are encouraged to inform us about any contributions that they consider inappropriate.

As publisher of the site, the EPFL Library reserves the right of moderation, correction and withdrawal at any time for any contribution, for any reason whatsoever, such as the illegality of the content, its out of scope content, insufficient quality, etc.

The EPFL Library reserves the right to contact the visitor personally by email to advise him on the use of the annotation tool, or to question him on the content of his comments and indications.


Disclaimer of liability

The data contained on this site is provided without any guarantee of completeness or accuracy. The Library of EPFL declines all responsibility in the event of misuse of digital documents or damage caused by the use or absence of information contained in this portal. Users relieve the EPFL library of any claim following a breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights.

This site may, without the knowledge of the EPFL Library, have been linked to other sites. The EPFL Library declines any responsibility for the information presented on these other sites.